Although many companies have hiring freezes at the moment, demand for software development and IT talent will increase significantly after the pandemic is over. Even right now, technology is one of the least-affected market segments. However, students and less-experienced employees have generally had a much harder time, as they are usually the first to be laid off. For this reason, many companies will see a large number of applications for entry-level positions. To effectively recruit quality young talent during and after the coronavirus crisis, companies will need to create a balanced partnership.

Communicate Clear Requirements

Potential applicants need to have a good understanding of the job requirements for a particular opening. This is true any time, but especially when there are large numbers of applicants who might not perfectly meet the requirements. By laying out reasonable requirements (that have been vetted by a technical recruiter or IT person) ahead of time, applicants are more likely to apply to jobs that fit their skill sets.

On-The-Job Training Still Exists

Many non-technical recruiters don’t realize how easy it is to get up to speed with a new technology. While becoming deeply familiar with a programming language or kind of infrastructure might take years, most programmers and IT personnel can gain useful knowledge of a technology in a month or less. Candidates without experience using a particular technology should still be considered, especially if they have skills that make up for not knowing that technology.

Look for Practical Experience

While credentials like degrees and certificates can tell you a lot about a candidate’s knowledge and willingness to learn, practical experience can often be a stronger indicator of the skills that are useful to companies. For developers, a strong collection of personal projects says a lot about the candidate’s ability to develop useful software. Participation in events like hackathons can demonstrate a greater interest in learning practical skills than a formal credential.

Demonstrate Caring

The times continue to be very uncertain for a lot of employees. Companies looking to attract quality talent should be caring. Advertising benefits like generous paid sick leave and paid time off can be very effective in attracting good talent both in difficult times and in general. Benefits are becoming increasingly important to employees; this can be a major differentiator for your company.

Start Recruiting Now

Even companies that now have hiring freezes will almost certainly start hiring again before long. Organizations that wait for positions to open before recruiting will end up behind other companies that start doing initial virtual interviews today. Hiring interim and temporary workers may be allowed at some companies; doing this will provide a pool of trained employees who can convert to full-time when the pandemic ends.

Make Your Work-From-Home Policy Explicit

The coronavirus pandemic has forced a lot of companies to quickly move to remote work. While office work will probably be viable again before too long, remote work may continue to be a good option for a lot of companies. Renting office space is expensive. Now that everyone has been working from home for a few months, the expense seems increasingly optional to a lot of companies. Codifying your company’s work-from-home policy makes it easier to attract potential employees who are interested in remote-first work.

In general, the most effective way to recruit young talent and students during the pandemic is to offer competitive benefits, emphasize on-the-job training, and look for relevant practical experience. By doing these things, companies are more likely to find quality entry-level talent to fill their post-coronavirus needs.


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