Mentoring Topics

AI/ML Application, Big Data & Analytics, Cloud & SaaS Technology, Data Science, Start-up & Entrepreneurship


Short Bio

Zekeriya Besiroglu has progressive experience(+20 years) in IT. Zekeriya is one of the few people in the EMEA area, having knowledge and accepted as expert in Big Data &Data science and Oracle Exadata and Engineered Systems. He is Oracle ACE.
9+ yrs experience in deploying and managing the multi-node development, testing and production Hadoop cluster with different Hadoop components (Spark, Hive,sqoop Oozie,Solr, Hbase, Nifi, ElasticSearch) using Cloudera Manager , Ambari and Mapr
Provide architectural and technical guidance to help customers understand the cloud, and make best use of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing platform to build scalable, robust, and secure applications.
•He has teached more than 200 big data training , 100 spark developer 200 Data science training (+2000 participants )

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