Mentoring Topics

E-Commerce & Logistics, International Business, Leadership, Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Management



Short Bio

A charismatic, authentic and results focused leader with global experience – and a huge passion for e-commerce and logistics.

I have worked in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East, and consider myself a ‘Certified International Specialist’ with a unique ability to adapt to different environments and cultures.

I believe I excel in the following areas:

– E-commerce Logistics; Cross Border, Fulfilment, First and Last Mile Delivery
– Logistics and Supply Chain Management
– International Business Operations
– Business and Digital Transformation
– Leadership; Results Orientated, Leveraging Strengths, Providing Purpose, Having and Creating Trust, Being Positive and Focusing on Clear Priorities

Above all else, I take immense pride in the fact that I have the confidence, character and skill set to realize opportunities, engage and excite teams, and to deliver!

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