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“A candle does not lose its light by igniting the other one”

Lack of mentorship and coaching is the most criticized topic by millennials during their studies and on their first jobs. GDEXA’s Mentorship program is addressing this high demand and preparing the young generation for the digital future of work.

This program is highly complementary to the academic knowledge students gain during their studies, where the focus is mainly on theoretical content and traditional curriculum.

Mentoring Topic
GDEXA Mentors

Our experts from Europe

Ekrem Namazci
Data & AI Lead
Mentoring Topics
Big Data, Cloud, AI
Stephanie Wissmann
CEO / VP Growth
TradeOfficer & tyntec
Mentoring Topics
Digitalisation, AI
Amine Boulcane
Director Data & Analytics
Crédit Agricole
Mentoring Topics
Big Data, Digitalisation
Marilyn Tan
Mentoring Topics
Big Data, Cloud, AI

Role Models for Young Generation

In an everchanging world of business, first-hand insights about market trends and technological developments are invaluable for the upcoming generation to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the shift towards digital transformation.

That’s why only senior executives and thought-leaders with unique expertise are acting as GDEXA Mentors. All of them are role models and coaches passionate about giving back from their vast experience and knowledge.


GDEXA Mentorship Overview

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Personal Coaching

Get 1:1 coaching from global thought-leaders in business and technology

Professional Development

Reflect your personality and set your goals for career growth

Industry & Market Trends

Tap into a wealth of knowledge and speed up your learning curve

Global Network & Perspectives

Participate from global economic dynamics and culture differences
how it works

How does it work?

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Step 1

Apply for GDEXA’s free mentorship program together with information about your academic background, your areas of interests and career ambitions

Step 2

Introduce yourself during a video interview and get all details about the program, our Mentors and the procedure

Step 3

Request a Mentor of your choice or get a Mentor assigned by GDEXA’s AI-based matching tool

Step 4

Your digital Mentorship starts with 1:1 virtual sessions via audio/video conferencing

Are you ready to join GDEXA?

GDEXA Application Form

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question? Here is the answer!

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After receiving your application form, GDEXA will review your information and arrange a 30-mins video call with you. Afterwards, you will be part of the mentorship program and allowed to participate in hackathons and experimental projects.

GDEXA aims to provide you with the best possible mentor and project. To match you with the right program, it’s quite helpful for us to get some information about you. However, sharing your information is completely optional and not sharing will not lead to any disadvantage. All data will be treated highly confidential and according to data privacy regulations.

A GDEXA team member will  contact you and arrange a 30-mins video call for the mutual introduction. According to your information, we will suggest the first ideas in terms of mentorship and hackathons.

The first interview with GDEXA will take approximately 30 mins and there’s no preparation needed. It’s for a personal introduction and to understand your academic or professional background.

No, GDEXA e.V. is a non-profit association and the Mentorship is free of charge for students, fresh graduates and young professionals.

After getting your mentor assigned, we will arrange the first session for you. During this, you can individually develop your program with your mentor and agree on a schedule. The whole procedure is highly flexible to consider personal commitments and professional obligations. Please check our Mentorship page to get more information.

It depends on the individual program which will be aligned between mentor and mentee during their first session. It can vary between 4 weeks up to several months.

Do you have further questions? Then please check our FAQ section

Talents opinion

Check what our mentees say

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Florian Mysliwetz

” During my bachelor studies, I was so focused on lectures and passing exams. I missed looking outside the box and noticed late, that practical experience and network is even more important for my career. GDEXA’s mentorship is exactly closing this gap and helps me a lot to shape my profile. “

Florian Mysliwetz

Cofounder, Technical University Munich
Emin Can Oguz

” I would never have the chance to meet such a great leader in big data and analytics. Thanks to GDEXA, I’m able to extend my network and gain insights first-hand from experts. That’s just amazing. “

Emin Can Oguz

Istanbul Maltepe University