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GDEXA, the digital skilling powerhouse, joined forces with NTU to provide a unique opportunity for its students to be coached and mentored by global top managers from leading European companies.

NTU Global Mentorship

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Blockchain & Cyptocurrency

Blockchain is one of the most discussed topics in the news and science even though the technology is still in its early stages. Blockchain, especially cryptocurrencies is gaining traction in public discussions especially amongst the regulators and its ability to disrupt the financial industry. .

35 min talk + 25 min Q&A

User Experience & User Interface Design

UX design is rapidly revolutionizing the world around us and how we interact with products, businesses, services, and each other. It’s essential to creating usable and desirable products that help companies, consumers, and even whole societies find solutions to difficult or troubling problems.

35 min talk + 25 min Q&A

Social Networking

Personal growth is always important, and developing the right soft skills can make a huge impact on your career. So if you are looking to better position yourself for that dream job, enhance your professional profile while job searching, or are excited about chasing professional growth in general. Social Networking helps you to become more confident, connect with the right people, and navigate your way through building better “network relationships”.

35 min talk + 25 min Q&A

Mentor Video Introduction

Global Mentorship

Our industry experts for your mentorship

GDEXA Mentor - Aylin Aslaner

Aylin Aslaner

Account Executive at Zoom

GDEXA Mentor - Guilia Böhler

Guilia Boehler

Strategic Partner Manager at Google

GDEXA Mentor - Joerg Lichtenberg

Nicholas Palmer

Head of Sales at Group-IB

GDEXA Mentor - Jasmin Weimüller

Jasmin Weimueller

Data Scientist at BASF

GDEXA Mentor - Natasha Müller

Natasha Müller

Marketing and Communications Manager at Microsoft

GDEXA Mentor - Henner Schliebs

Henner Schliebs

Regional Vice President North America, Strategic Initiatives at SAP

GDEXA Mentor - Serafettin Ozsoy

Şerafettin Özsoy, PhD

Incubation Center Senior Specialist at Teknopark İstanbul A.Ş.

GDEXA Mentor - Yassine Medhioub

Yassine Medhioub

Senior Director Information Technology at WS Audiology

Global Mentorship Programm Schedule

15 - 31 August

Registration opens for students

01 - 10 Sept

Matching of students to Mentors by CAO

17 Sept

Briefing and Mentorship Workshop for Talents

13 Sept - 29 Oct

Mentorship begins
(~6 weeks)

29 Oct

Finale session


FAQ and other Important Information

GDEXA stands for Global Digital Excellence Association and is a non-profit organization providing students, fresh-graduates or young professional (Talents) a free mentorship for digital upskilling and work experience. Selected Mentors from around the world are coaching the Talents on a volunteer basis, mainly remotely, and sharing their expertise about industry trends, market insights and career advice.

Career & Attachment Office (CAO) has collaborated with GDEXA to shortlist a group of 8 Global Mentors to mentor NTU students (Talents). Selected Talents will be matched to a Global Mentor to learn invaluable industry skills and experiences from the Mentors for a period of 1 month, in these areas:

  • Personal Coaching
  • Career Advisory
  • Thought Leadership
  • Global Network

This Global Mentorship programme will take place from 13th September to 30th October 2021 (~6 weeks). This is a flexible, self-paced programme where virtual meetings are arranged between Mentors and Talents upon availability. Talents must commit to meeting their Mentors for at least 3 hours within this period.

Students are to read through the list of available Mentors along with their experience and skills set (see pages 7-8) and indicate their preference during registration. After registration ends, CAO will work on the matching process based upon your interests and release the results via email. As a guide, 2-3 students (Talents) will be paired with 1 Mentor. Kindly note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified in September.

Meetings will be held virtually through online conferencing tools (e.g., Zoom). The First meeting between Mentors and Talents will be scheduled in the week of 13 September, evenings e.g., 8pm-9pm in Singapore time. As Mentors are located around the world, Talents must take the initiative to schedule online meetings with their chosen Mentors.

Talents are required to commit at least 3 hours during the programme period to meet their Mentors. Talents must prepare for the meetings before meeting the Global Mentors. There will also be three exclusive Masterclasses which are open to all Talents to attend. At the end of the programme, there will be a Finale session (tentatively on 29 Oct, Friday) where all Talents will be required to share their learnings. The session will be attended by all Talents, Mentors and CAO. Pls see pages 5-6 for an example of the commitment required.

There is no monetary compensation for both the Mentors and Talents as this is a voluntary programme. Talents will receive invaluable sharing of industry specialized skills and experience from their Global Mentors. Upon successful completion of the programme, Talents will receive a Certificate of Participation from CAO. 

This programme is exclusively for students who are Mentees in the Mentorship Community.
For new students, please register as a Mentee in our Community first via this link.

To register, please submit the below by 31 Aug, 2359 hrs:

  1. Registration form (LINK1)
  2. There is an optional Video Assessment segment (2 short videos), which must be submitted via NTU Launchpad (LINK2). Pls note that students who submitted their video assessment will stand a better chance to be selected and assigned to a Global Mentor of their choice.