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Digital Labs

Experimental Learning during Hackathons

According to the principles of learning, people generally remember 90% of what they practically do – compare to 10% of what they theoretically read. That’s why GDEXA Digital Labs run agile Hackathons designed by partners based on real-world business use cases. All registered GDEXA Talents can participate in this experimental and active learning project to gain and enhance their digital skills.

GDEXA Digital labs

Here are some project examples:

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Internet of Things & Industrie 4.0

Global Team, Diverse Skills

These projects are performed by GDEXA Talents with diverse profiles and backgrounds. They work collaboratively in groups for a couple of weeks, depending on the project scope.

The results are not only beneficial for the talents but also useful for the partner who gets the project deliverables together with potential candidates to be employed.

Our benifits

Digital Labs Benefits

Digital Upskilling

Learn new skills or enhance your existing capabilities during hands-on projects

Practical Experience

Be part of a global team and apply your knowledge on business use cases

Real-world Scenarios

Work on relevant industry solutions with great impact for business and life

Career Jumpstart

Get the chance to be hired by leading enterprise companies
GDEXA Partners

Here are our partners:

how it works

As a corporate, tech-company or an educational institution, you can submit a new project idea or apply for an existing one in our Digital Labs

GDEXA Digital Labs – Hackathon Projects
Step 1

GDEXA Partner submits a real-case scenario or applies for an existing project to be performed in the Digital Labs

Step 2

Project design and finalization of project scope, timeline and deliverables

Step 3

Project announcement, talent selection and team setup

Step 4

Hackathon kickoff and project realization

Step 5

Presentation of results and outcomes

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question? Here is the answer!

We have a broad variety of projects addressing different topics and use cases. It’s mainly about how technology can enable business and life. Please regularly check our GDEXA Digital Labs site to get the latest updates.

No. Registered GDEXA Talents are not paying any fees, it’s completely free of charge. Only the partners are funding and supporting the hackathons in GDEXA Digital Labs.

No, not necessarily. GDEXA Talents from all background and skill-levels can be part of the projects. If you have studied finance, sales, marketing, logistics or any other field, you can still join and get an impactful role in the team.

Yes. GDEXA Digital Labs is an open platform where everyone can share ideas, join existing and submit new projects or just collaborate with others.

After receiving your application form, GDEXA will review your information and arrange a 30-mins video call with you. Afterwards, you will be part of the mentorship program and allowed to participate in hackathons and experimental projects.

Do you have further questions? Then please check our FAQ section.

Talents opinion

Check what our mentees say

Florian Mysliwetz

” During my bachelor studies, I was so focused on lectures and passing exams. I missed looking outside the box and noticed late, that practical experience and network is even more important for my career. GDEXA’s mentorship is exactly closing this gap and helps me a lot to shape my profile. “

Florian Mysliwetz

Cofounder, Technical University Munich
Emin Can Oguz

” I would never have the chance to meet such a great leader in big data and analytics. Thanks to GDEXA, I’m able to extend my network and gain insights first-hand from experts. That’s just amazing. “

Emin Can Oguz

Istanbul Maltepe University