General Questions

GDEXA aims to match you with the best suitable mentor and skilling project. To do so, we must receive some information about you. However, sharing your information is completely optional and not sharing will not lead to any disadvantage. All data will be treated highly confidential and according to data privacy regulations (GDPR) 

GDEXA aims to match you with the best suitable mentor and skilling project. To do so, it’s necessary for us to receive some information about you. However, sharing your information is completely optional and not sharing will not lead to any disadvantage. All data will be treated highly confidential and according to data privacy regulations (GDPR)

A GDEXA team member will contact you and arrange a 30-mins video call for the mutual introduction. According to your information, we will suggest the first ideas in terms of mentorship and hackathons.

The first interview with GDEXA will take approximately 30 mins and there’s no preparation needed. It’s for a personal introduction and to understand your academic or professional background. 

Yes. GDEXA is open for everyone and the more people we can reach, the better.

GDEXA believes: the more you believe in yourself and develop your skills and personality, the more attractive you become on for potential employers. Through our global mentorship, you will expand your network and enrich your personality, which will increase your chances on the job market. Corporate partners of GDEXA Digital Labs usually having a demand for new hires, hence participating in hackathons and projects will provide opportunities for your career development.

All mentors at GDEXA are passionate about coaching and mentoring young people. They all want to share their vast experience for the better and sparing their limited time for this. This attitude is the most important criteria for being a mentor. In terms of career, we are looking for global senior executives with unique expertise in certain areas around digital transformation and business management.

The easiest way of reaching us is through our LinkedIn company page or our profiles. We are also on Instagram and Youtube. You can also send us your message through the contact form on our website or directly

Global Mentorship

No, GDEXA e.V. is a non-profit association and the Mentorship is free of charge for students, fresh graduates and young professionals.

After getting your mentor assigned, we will arrange the first session for you. During this, you can individually develop your program with your mentor and agree on a schedule. The whole procedure is highly flexible to consider personal commitments and professional obligations. Please check our Mentorship page to get more information.

It depends on the individual program which will be aligned between mentor and mentee during their first session. It can vary between 4 weeks up to several months.

Yes. We even encourage GDEXA Talents to ask for more than one mentor to gain different perspectives and insights.

Digital Labs

We have a broad variety of projects addressing different topics and use cases. It’s mainly about how technology can enable business and life. Please regularly check our GDEXA Digital Labs site to get the latest updates.

No. Registered GDEXA Talents are not paying any fees, it’s completely free of charge. Only the partners are funding and supporting the hackathons in GDEXA Digital Labs.

Yes. GDEXA Digital Labs is an open platform where everyone can share ideas, join existing and submit new projects or just collaborate with others.

No, not necessarily. GDEXA Talents from all background and skill-levels can be part of the projects. If you have studied finance, sales, marketing, logistics or any other field, you can still join and get an impactful role in the team.

GDEXA has partners are corporates, tech-companies or education institutions. All of them are designing break-through hackathons and projects based on innovative use cases. We are regularly updating our partners – please check our website for the latest information. 

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