GDEXA - Experimental Hiring

The fastes and most efficient way
to close the skill-gap

Until 2025, 149 million new jobs will be created with majority in Software Development, Data & AI and Cloud. In Germany and UK alone, more than 600.000 open vacancies for IT professionals are unfilled.  

GDEXA is joining forces with corporates to close this skill-gap by running agile bootcamps and hackathons based on the roles required. Employers and jobseekers will experience a new way of recruitment based on mutual expectations and actual job profiles. 

How it works

Based on the submitted job profiles by corporates, the ML-recommendation engine on GDEXA’s LX platform is designing real-world challenges in form of hackathons projects or bootcamps. Talents can apply to those projects to gain relevant soft- and hard skills and have the chance of being selected for the open vacancies at the same time 

GDEXA - Experimental Hiring

The benefits

Skilling and hiring based on actual job demand

Less risk of wrong hirings for employer and jobseeker

Reduced search time and recruiting costs

Shortcut onboarding due to first experience on the job

Access to global and diverse talent pool


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