Digital Upskilling
Digital Upskilling

Learn lifelong future skills

Two-thirds of children who started school in 2016 will have jobs that don’t exist today. Or in other words: 77% of all jobs in the next 10 years will be in digital technology.

That’s why we designed digital upskilling projects to teach technical capabilities practically while focusing big times on soft skills.

Our project principles

Real-world use cases

Modern technologies

Softskill focused

Creativity + Teamwork + Fun

How it works

Based on the learner, the ML-recommendation engine of GDEXA’s LX platform is automatically creating real-world scenarios in form of hackathons. The learner or (institution) can apply for one of those projects to gain relevant soft- and hard skills.

Always in a practical approach, because according to the principles of learning, people generally remember 90% of what they do – compared to 10% of what they theoretically read.

We have designed Open Hackathons and GDEXA FutureClass© with innovative and proven curriculums as a ready-to-go collaborative learning experience.

Best practice approach

1. ​Creative Exploration


Design Thinking
Creativity and problem-solving
Industry knowledge

2. ​Collaborative Planning


Time management
Resource planning

3. ​Agile Execution


Agile working methods
(Remote) Teamwork
Making things done

4. Delivery & Presentation


Storytelling and presentation
Business value
Sales and marketing

Our Solutions

Open Thinkathon

Agile team projects for practical upskilling of modern technologies and soft skills

FutureClass for Schools

Digital upskilling of students and teachers during cross-subject school lessons

Masterclasses for Universities

Interactive storytelling for students by C-suite industry experts

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