Digital Services

New Learning Experience during Hackathons and Digital Projects

According to the principles of learning, people generally remember 90% of what they practically do – compare to 10% of what they theoretically read. GDEXA Services are a proven and practical way of collaborative and experimental learning.

Our benefits

Experimental and creative learning with fun

Practical upskilling on modern technologies

Practical upskilling on modern technologies

Soft skills and team work

Our Services

Open Hackathons

Agile team projects for practical upskilling of modern technologies and soft skills

FutureClass for Schools

Digital upskilling of students and teachers during cross-subject school lessons

University & Corporates

Customized hackathons projects for extracurricular activity or experimental hiring


Envisioning projects for creative ideation of industry transformation use cases


Interactive storytelling for students and young professionals by C-suite industry experts

Special Groups

Projects for refugees, people with disabilities, elderlies or unprivileged communites

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