Datas Science Intership

Within the current economical context, business competition is tight and disruptive solutions are emerging crossover industries. The race for innovation and cost efficiency has never been so fast. In all that, Financial services needs to adapt more rapidly than ever. Appetite for business insights is growing and better decision making backed with Data is the cornerstone to remain in the landscape tomorrow.

During the last decades, Banks cumulated a tremendous amount of unstructured & unqualified data without any capacity to analyze it  massively, automate its  curation or derive intelligence out of it. Today, and to do so, leveraging evolving Machine learning techniques and tools, especially around Natural Language Processing and more broadly AI technology, our bank is on the go to increase business  opportunities as well as improving operational  efficiently. Our Transversal Data & Analytics team is building innovative solutions and growing its expertise in this field.


We are offering an internship position for Data scientist:

  • Duration: from 3 to 6 months
  • Location : Singapore
  • Required background:
    – Strong background in mathematics and statistics
    – Hands on data manipulation and machine learning tools: SQL, Python, R, Spark
    – Proven path on implementing machine learning algorithms


NLP & NLU: Bank has multiple types of unstructured data:

  • Financial documents
  • Operational & administrative paperwork
  • Business Chatrooms & emails
  • Social media and newspaper

We are building NLP algorithm to derive information out of it for following use purposes:

  • Data structuration
  • Information auto-extraction
  • Semantic analysis

Unsupervised & supervised learning: Various business use cases are ongoing.
Examples: anomalies detections, pattern recognition and predictions. Type of algorithmes used:

  • Unsupervised: Clustering, Isolation forest
  • Supervised: Logistic regression, decision trees, XGBoost, Random & Forest,
    Timeseries, etc.


  •  Languages: T-SQL, Python & R (Data Science libraries like Scikit-learn,
    Stamford NLP, etc)
  • Tools: Spark, SQL Server, ETL, Hadoop
  • DataViz: PowerBI, Excel and others

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