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Skills for the Digital Future

Digitalization is rapidly changing everything in business and lifeWhile technology is transforming every industry and society in lightspeed, most people don’t know where to start and how to learn new skills required for the jobs of the future 

That’s why GDEXA, the Global Digital Excellence Association, has built a Software-as-a-Service platform to kickstart and manage the personal journey of digital education. 

GDEXA Global Mentorship
GDEXA - Products & Service Overview

Our unique learning experience (LX) solution contains a fully managed and automated Global Mentorship Program where leading industry-experts mentor graduates and young professionals. With the help of an advanced AI-model, the platform is matching talents to their mentors and creates individual learning paths based on skill-gaps and personal ambitions.

Another component of GDEXA’s LX platform is the creation of hackathon projects for Digital Upskilling or Experimental Hiring purposes. Based on desired skills or job profiles, an ML-recommendation engine is automatically creating real-world challenges and boot camps. Talents subscribed on the platform can apply for one of those projects to gain relevant soft- and hard skills.

Our Team

These people making great things happen


GDEXA Mentor - Ekrem Namazci

Ekrem Namazci

GDEXA Co- Founder- Adrian Paschek

Adrian Paschek

GDEXA Mentor - Elaine Liew

Elaine Liew



Tan Gürpinar Advisory Board - GDEXA Talents

Tan Gürpinar

Advisor, Digital Education
Burak Kurt Advisory Board - GDEXA Partners

Burak Kurt

GDEXA Mentor - Farah Saleh

Farah Saleh

GDEXA Mentor - Jasmin Weimüller

Jasmin Weimüller

Sasha Vankova - GDEXA Advisory Board

Sasha Vankova

GDEXA Team - Bartosz Sosna

Bartosz Sosna

Lead Developer
GDEXA Team - Gürcan Doguc

Gürcan Doguc

Programm Manager
GDEXA Team - Aileen Goebel

Aileen Goebel

GDEXA Mentor - Hasan Namazci

Hasan Namazci


Advisory Board

GDEXA Mentor - Bhawna Gandhi

Bhawna Gandhi

Head of HR

Danone Asia

GDEXA Mentor - Hany Azzam

Hany Azzam, PhD

Customer Success Lead


GDEXA Mentor - Marilyn Tan

Marilyn Tan



GDEXA Mentor - Karan Sachdeva

Karan Sachdeva

Director Data & AI


GDEXA Mentor - Henner Schliebs

Henner Schliebs

Regional Vice President


GDEXA Mentor - Boris Beckmann

Boris Beckmann

Founder & Managing Director


GDEXA Advisory Board - Carsten Bartsch

Prof. Dr. Carsten Bartsch

Professor for Marketing & Strategy

Hochschule der Bayerischen Wirtschaft

Expert opinion

What industry experts and talents say about GDEXA

Client Photo
Florian Mysliwetz Co-Founder TUM.ai, Technical University Munich

During my bachelor studies, I was so focused on lectures and passing exams. I missed looking outside the box and noticed late, that practical experience and network is even more important for my career. GDEXA’s mentorship is exactly closing this gap and helps me a lot to shape my profile.

Client Photo
Henner Schliebs SAP

Congratulations, GDEXA sounds like a sustainable program that secures our future and offers "early talents" a chance to prepare for the upcoming job requirements. I am happy to contribute and hope to add value as a Mentor for GDEXA and the young generation.

Client Photo
Hany Azzam, PhD Microsoft

This initiative was long overdue. Great idea to upskill students with practical capabilities using Hackathons.

Client Photo
Roland Hölscher Chief Revenue Officer, KENDAXA Group

I don’t know about any similar approach like GDEXA. Every industry is transforming its business into a digital one. It’s important to ensure a capable workforce. GDEXA will surely help here.

Client Photo
Amine Boulçane Credit Agricole CIB

I’m hiring a lot of Data specialists either Engineers, Analysts or scientists and I know how hard it is to get talented people. It’s a war of talents out there. If we can empower every graduate with digital skills, it will make our life easier to onboard them and stay ahead of the competition in meeting our customers and market expectations.

Client Photo
Emin Can Oguz Istanbul Maltepe University

I would never have the chance to meet such a great leader in big data and analytics. Thanks to GDEXA, I’m able to extend my network and gain insights first-hand from experts. That’s just amazing.


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GDEXA – Global Digital Excellence Association - is a non-profit organization providing young people with free global mentorship and digital education.


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