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Today, without apps and technology nothing is possible in business and life. And the world needs Digital Natives to make use of technological innovations. GDEXA helps to build the modern technology skills required for the digital future of work.

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Creating the Digital Future!

Our innovative learning concept consists of GDEXA’s Global Mentorship Program engaged by world-class experts and global thought-leaders. GDEXA Mentors have their story to tell, their knowledge to share and their experience to guide. These are invaluable insights for students, young professionals, or future entrepreneurs.

Another element to upskill the next generation is experimental learning. GDEXA Digital Labs enables our Talents with relevant capabilities through hackathons and digital projects based on real-case scenarios from various industries and businesses.

This expert and practical-driven approach make GDEXA unique in guiding tomorrow’s workforce into the digital future and enabling them with relevant skills for a greater impact in business and life.

Our Team

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What industry experts and talents say about GDEXA

Emin Can Oguz

” I would never have the chance to meet such a great leader in big data and analytics. Thanks to GDEXA, I’m able to extend my network and gain insights first-hand from experts. That’s just amazing. “

Emin Can Oguz

Istanbul Maltepe University
Florian Mysliwetz

” During my bachelor studies, I was so focused on lectures and passing exams. I missed looking outside the box and noticed late, that practical experience and network is even more important for my career. GDEXA’s mentorship is exactly closing this gap and helps me a lot to shape my profile. “

Florian Mysliwetz

Cofounder TUM.ai, Technical University Munich
Amine Boulçane

“ I’m hiring a lot of Data specialists either Engineers, Analysts or scientists and I know how hard it is to get talented people. It’s a war of talents out there. If we can empower every graduate with digital skills, it will make our life easier to onboard them and stay ahead of the competition in meeting our customers and market expectations ”

Amine Boulçane

Credit Agricole CIB
Henner Schliebs

“ Congratulations, GDEXA sounds like a sustainable program that secures our future and offers “early talents” a chance to prepare for the upcoming job requirements. I am happy to contribute and hope to add value as a Mentor for you and the young generation ”

Henner Schliebs

Hany Azzam, PhD

“ This initiative was long overdue. Great idea to upskill students with practical capabilities using Hackathons. ”

Hany Azzam, PhD

Roland Hölscher

“ I don’t know about any similar approach like GDEXA. Every industry is transforming its business into a digital one. It’s important to ensure a capable workforce. GDEXA will surely help here. ”

Roland Hölscher


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GDEXA – Global Digital Excellence Association - is a non-profit organization providing young people with free global mentorship and digital education.


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